• Reset & Recover Duo

Reset & Recover Duo

Soothe the body and the senses

The Set: R+R Cream and Soak It In Bath Gem
A curated collection of essentials to comfort, ease and restore after the long day is done. Featuring our soothing rub for muscles and joints and our functional bath gem for relaxation and recovery.


A curated collection of essentials to comfort, relax and restore after after a long and active day. Each product features our broad spectrum, whole plant hemp extract with naturally occurring CBD to help your body realign and find balance from within.

Soothe and restore tired muscles with our R+R Cream, infused with 750mg of hemp cannabinoids for powerful, meaningful results. Give your body and the senses the relief they deserve with our Soak It In bath gem, featuring a functional blend of minerals and botanicals designed to purify, detoxify, relax and reset, all the while providing the skin with a naturally antioxidant-rich dose of luxurious moisture. Everything you need to take care of your body, so it can take care of you.

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